INROADS Intern Partnership


Pursuing a multi-generational diverse workforce of the best and brightest minds is the foundation of our continued growth and desire to hire team members who can understand and respond to the people we serve. We have focused attention on investing in experienced candidates as well as those early in their careers to deliver on our mission to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone.


We are proud to partner with INROADS, an international non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of ethnically diverse employees in corporate leadership roles.

Through our partnership with INROADS, we attract the brightest college students for summer internship opportunities. Interns are working in sales, marketing, finance, technology and operations roles across 14 different states. We launched a “college to conversion” engagement plan to keep interns in contact with us from the time they accept their summer internship until they graduate. We are committed to placing former INROADS interns into full-time employment opportunities upon graduation.

Our Social Responsibility team also has partnered with the INROADS Board of Directors to identify several pro bono consulting projects that will be staffed by UnitedHealth Group team members. The goal of this relationship is to advance the INROADS mission while building engagement across the organizations.


In 2019 we increased our INROADS summer hires by 55% compared to 2018, with an 81% acceptance rate. We now have a deeper bench of talent with an internal INROADS alumni network and continue to expand the relationship. In addition, a former INROADS intern who is now an executive at UnitedHealth Group was honored with a seat on their Board of Directors, while our enterprise relationship lead was selected as a regional business partner of the year. UnitedHealth Group also received the Frank Carr Award, the highest award a corporate partner can achieve from INROADS.


LaChelle Drayton, Manager, Global Campus Diversity & Military Recruitment, UnitedHealth Group


UnitedHealth Group is honored to stand with the world’s leading companies committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our mission is to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone. Diversity and Inclusion starts with a workforce representative of the people we are privileged to serve and a culture of appreciation for the unique background and experiences of each of the members of our team. I’m proud of the actions we’ve taken to expand diversity and create inclusive workplaces where our employees are empowered to share their unique perspectives.

David S. Wichmann
Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealth Group
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