Independent Caucus Groups


Foster greater inclusion of employees from various backgrounds in the formal and informal organizational structures through deliberate policies and programs throughout the corporation.


Xerox employee caucus groups are sanctioned independent organizations that exist to aid in the achievement of company diversity and inclusion objectives. Our caucus groups work with management to achieve common business objectives, self-advocacy: to be a catalyst for change, management education: and to support an environment of inclusion.

Seven caucus groups currently exist to address the concerns and meet the needs of our employees who are: African-American; Hispanic; Asian; women; African-American women; gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender; and military veterans. Each caucus group has a senior executive who serves as its champion to facilitate and maintain open communications. The champion works with the caucus group and is a voice  to educate senior executives on the unique diversity issues within a particular constituency. 

During informal caucus meetings, employees share their views on the work environment and identify actionable items for discussion. This collaborative process ensures that our executive leadership team and our CEO work together  to create an effective and inclusive work environment.

Additional groups include:

  • Young Professionals — a self-organized group of employees that create connections amongst millennials, college new hires and interns.
  • Xerox Innovation Women's Council — a coalition of women from across our research organization.
  • Winning Ways — a women-centric group based in India supporting recruitment, growth, networking and mentoring for female job candidates and employees.
  • Xerox has collaborated with the Everywoman Network in the UK to give employees access to personal development tools. The inclusive membership is currently available for all Great Britain staff, male and female.

Xerox is continuing to transform our organizational culture through a diverse workforce, an inclusive environment, job satisfaction, retention and creativity. Our success is evident from the increasing number of employees joining the caucuse's as well as our numerous independent  diversity awards.

Awards representative of each of our Employee Caucus include:

  • Black Enterprise Magazine: "Top 40 Best Companies for Diversity"
  • Diversity MBA: "Top 50 Companies for Diverse  Managers"
  • Latina Style Magazine: "Top 50 Companies for Latinas"
  • Latino Magazine: "Top Companies for Latino Employees"
  • Human Rights Campaign: "Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality"
  • Military Friendly Employer" by Victory Media and G. Jobs Magazine.
  • Canada's Best Diversity Employers
  • Black Equal Employer Magazine: "Best of the Best" Employer Diversity, LGBT Diversity and Supplier Diversity

Beverly Stallings Johnson


Our caucus groups are a very successful way that we engage and support our employees. These groups provide a very clear linkage to the executive team — enabling two way conversations with employees from various backgrounds regarding their perspectives on our culture and our company — which is crucial for our efforts to build a more inclusive workplace.

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