Increasing Senior Leadership Diversity


While we have made positive strides toward achieving a more diverse workforce at Tech Data, there is still work to be done to increase diversity among the senior executive ranks.


Working with our office of Diversity and Inclusion, we have begun requiring one woman and one person of color to be interviewed face to face, prior to making an offer to any candidate for positions at the Vice President level and above.


We have begun implementing this new initiative and look forward to the positive outcomes it will yield. Just a few of the anticipated results include greater creativity and innovation driven by greater diversity of thought, as well as stronger recruitment and retention of women and persons of color at all levels as Tech Data becomes increas ingly regarded as an inclusive employer of choice. 


Cal Jackson


Diversity is critical at the senior leadership level, and we are committed to addressing this need while ultimately expanding the perspectives that guide our strategies and decisions. 

Richard Hume
CEO, Tech Data Corporation
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