Increasing Diversity and Parity Across the Organization at KBR


In 2020, KBR conducted an internal analysis that revealed we needed to improve in the area of gender representation and parity. This knowledge helped guide us to make meaningful changes to policies and procedures that have subsequently enabled us to hire and retain a more diverse group of candidates.


KBR developed and implemented a new sustainability policy modeled on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We selected ten key areas across the company to focus our environmental and social sustainability efforts, one of which is Inclusion & Diversity (I&D). A new I&D committee, comprising KBR employees from around the world, was then formed. That global team was tasked with assessing, developing, evaluating, and championing local and company-wide programs that are helping us become a more inclusive and diverse organization. Through their work, KBR has implemented gender-neutral hiring and interview processes, including creating gender-neutral job descriptions. We have also been actively participating in university recruiting programs, job fairs and career events, thus broadening our candidate pool. The committee championed hiring and employment outreach practices as a priority initiative in 2021. Additionally, KBR has been collecting global data and using it to help inform hiring practices and internal policies so we can constantly improve and ensure parity.


In 2020, female representation on the KBR executive leadership team increased to one-third, up from 10% the previous year. The company further demonstrated progress by expanding gender inclusion and diversity on the board of directors, increasing to one-third female in early 2020 from roughly 20% in 2019.

KBR’s commitment to I&D has also sparked strong employee engagement. In 2020, employees launched Pride & Allies — a global employee resource group (ERG) that supports the LGBTQIA+ community and helps to educate its allies. Employees also launched All In, a global community dedicated to strengthening KBR’s I&D culture by bringing together existing ERGs that promote, educate and raise awareness for I&D. The All In community’s activities currently support five key demographics within KBR — women, racial and ethnic minorities, the LBGTQIA+ community, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

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