Tech Data Corporation

Increasing Board Diversity


Like most successful businesses, Tech Data has had a very effective board of directors. Yet, at the beginning of 2016, the board lacked diversity with only one minority (Asian) and one woman.


To address our need for greater board diversity, the Chairman and CEO at the time challenged each board member to identify potential female board candidates. The board interviewed several qualified candidates and within two years appointed two female directors, one of whom is African American. 


We have a more diverse board composition, and all directors have embraced the board's new energy and focus on innovation.


Cal Jackson

Tech Data's board of directors is a shining example of the positive impacts that increased diversity and inclusion can have. Of our 10 board  members, four are either people of color, women, or both, and I can attest that the result is we have higher-quality discussions and make better decisions as a board.

Richard Hume, CEO, Tech Data Corporation

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