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Incorporating Inclusion in our Core Values


Creating a culture that fully supports a diverse and inclusive work environment requires that diversity and inclusion be more than just talking points; it is imperative that they are embedded in the values, and lived out by everyone within the organization. 


The Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati implemented five Core Values to hold each other accountable to the highest levels of integrity, honesty and ethical behavior. Our Inclusive Core Value was put in place to ensure that we are building positive relationships with each other throughout the Bank, across departments, and with our Members.


Implementing inclusion in our Core Values has created a platform that supports stretching beyond what is comfortable, in an effort to make our organization a place where everyone feels like they are a part of something. As a result, roundtable discussions, facilitated tough conversations, and other initiatives that support inclusion, innovation, collaboration, and retaining great talent have been created, to include metrics to hold our organization accountable.


Tenia Bishop
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Karla Russo
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As a CEO, husband, father and grandfather, I have an obligation, and an opportunity, to ensure that I create an environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity – and that has always been my goal. So in pursuit of that goal, my leadership team and I have taken a stand against racism and discrimination in all its forms and, aligned with our corporate value of inclusiveness, we recognize that we must do more to shape attitudes on equality and affect change in the communities we serve.

Andrew S. Howell
CEO, Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati
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