Inclusive Workplace for Nursing Women


Many working women are concerned whether they’ll face difficulties continuing to nurse after returning to work. At Airswift, we believe that mothers returning to work who wish to nurse, should have the privacy and time to do so as needed. Between 2018 – 2020, Airswift had 12 new nursing women returning to work. We were quickly challenged with providing a breastfeeding-friendly environment for pumping.


In 2019, Airswift’s Houston hub provided an onsite, clean, secure, and private designated lactation room with the necessary electrical equipment where nursing women can use a pump to express milk during the work period. Airswift encourages support from management, co-workers and other moms.


To date, Airswift’s working women express they’re feeling confident and relaxed about returning to work while still nursing.  Airswift believes supporting nursing women helps them be their best at work. Additionally, we’ve seen a decrease in women worker absentee, an increase in morale and retention. 


Louise Bancroft


It is all too often in society that we see qualified women drop out of the workforce after childbirth due to the eternal struggle between raising their family and work hour expectations.  At Airswift, we saw a needed opportunity to create an environment where working mothers can feel comfortable and confident in their return to work.  My hope is that others will continue to create a safe place for nursing mothers, so everyone succeeds together.

Janette Marx
CEO, Airswift
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