Inclusive Leadership at Catalent


Invest in the development of inclusive leaders by enhancing understanding of the value of diversity & inclusion.


We launched Diversity & Inclusion training by starting with our most senior leaders and the members of our newly formed, corporate-level Diversity & Inclusion Council. We understand the culture of an organization starts at the top, so we decided to bring together our senior leadership team, led by our CEO, and other leaders focused on diversity & inclusion to engage in an Inclusive Leadership training that consisted oflearning, discussions, and experiential exercises. The group identified tactics to move from awareness to action in reducing the impact of unconscious bias in talent management, engagement, productivity, teamwork and innovation. Through self-awareness, broadened perspectives, and personal goals for future actions, our leaders are now more prepared to effectively promote the value of diversity & inclusion and better incorporate it into the fabric of Catalent's culture.


Every attendee committed to specific D&I goals and objectives for themselves, their teams, and the organization, with the goal of imbedding D&I into every decision-making process, including recruitment, retention and advancement, succession planning, and creation of development plans for women and minority employees.


Mariana Fagnilli
[email protected]


Catalent is a company of "do-ers ," from production-line employees to the CEO. Being as diverse and inclusive as we want to become will require effort and thoughtfulness on all our parts, and I am energized by the challenge of embracing the power of diversity & inclusion for the betterment of our company, our employees, our business partners, and the communities in which we operate. I am glad to share our stories and see the stories of other companies engaged in similar efforts.

John R. Chiminski
Chair and CEO, Catalent, Inc,
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