Inclusive Excellence Strategy


UWGB is rapidly diversifying its student body in a myriad of ways. We want to make sure our faculty and staff are prepared to support our new students toward success and we are working to recruit a more diverse faculty and staff.


The Chancellor charged his Council on Inclusive Excellence to find new and innovative ways to train our faculty and staff to prepare them for a renewed focus on diversity and inclusion. The Council, made up of students, faculty, staff, and executive leaders, put together a six point plan to fundamentally impact how we think and look at diversity and inclusion, which has been approved by the Chancellor and Cabinet.

The six point plan includes:

  • Mandatory Inclusive Excellence (IE) training for all campus leaders (4 hour training)
  • Strong recommendation for all faculty and staff to complete IE training
  • Requirement of Implicit Bias training for any individual on any search committee
  • Employee evaluation to include diversity and inclusion
  • Requirement that all searches include questions related to diversity and inclusion
  • All searches must work through Human Resources to identify best way to advertise to a diverse candidate pool

The impact of the Inclusive Excellence Strategy has been significant. The rollout began with the leadership of the University attending the IE training to set the tone. Over 100 faculty and staff have been trained in the last year and many more will be trained in the future. All searches are now requiring Implicit Bias training, which has already changed the way we look at candidates and hiring strategies.


Gary L. Miller, Chancellor


UWGB is proud to sign and support the CEO Action for Inclusion pledge as a leader in our community who feels it is an honor and our responsibility to lift our community via education.

Gary L. Miller
Chanecellor, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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