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We recognized that some of our employee resource groups were functioning as exclusive clubs instead of networks. Some of our associates felt they couldn't or shouldn't be involved.


Employee Resource Groups took on a new identity as "Inclusion Networks." They are defined as business aligned resource groups that reflect and model our inclusive culture. Our goals are to raise cultural awareness, develop leaders, build networks and be a valuable resource to the business.

Inclusion Networks are intended to include all and shift the paradigm to address the growing needs of intersectionality within the workforce. For example, "mosaic" is a new multicultural inclusion network established to include those who do not fit a well-known ethnicity or may be a blend of ethnicities. The simplified name promotes inclusivity and creativity.

Inclusion Networks established a national board consisting of an executive sponsor and two national leaders per network. The board sets a national strategy that aligns to business needs while living our values. The board meets bi-monthly and works with our Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council bi-annually. Leader involvement drives credibility, confidence and capability to make impact in how we attract, develop, include and engage our associates.

Open to all associates in the firm, Inclusion Networks are branded as an opportunity to "get involved." New associates are introduced to networks on day one, and again after 90 days of employment at an event called "RJ WOW." They also learn about networks through our intranet and "Weekly Digest" newsletter. We practice our motto, "Each of us has something to share. And to learn." In doing so, we provide a pathway to break down silo walls and supporting the real work of networks


Raymond James has over 1,000 active participants in our Inclusion Networks, averaging 350+ people in attendance to large events.


Chris Aisenbrey
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At Raymond James, our business has always been about people. With this in mind, it's essential that we continue to build upon our people-centered heritage by ensuring we are intentionally nurturing a culture where everyone feels respected, valued and free to bring their whole selves to work. Just as it's important for us to make progress within our own firm, it's also essential that we reach out and partner with our peers, across other industries and professions, in order to make a difference.

Paul C. Reilly
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