Inclusion Makes Us Stronger


At a time when social injustice was elevated and "Champion People" was a core business strategy, we weren't fostering inclusion among team members. We have a workforce that is 82% Latinx (Carl's Jr.), 45% African American (Hardee"s) and more than 80% female (field management). Yet, inside our four walls, team members had no way to engage in the dynamic conversation that was shaping our company and our country. At a live open mic Town Hall designed to simply listen, team members asked us to educate, communicate and activate a more inclusive work environment.


We used this moment as a catalyst to expand our awareness and commitment to diversity, fair treatment and an environment that celebrates differences and people of all races, genders and beliefs.

Educate: We launched a mandatory Inclusion and Anti-Racism ''Cultural Intelligence" Training for team members. Modules included topics like Unconscious Bias, De-Escalation and Building Relationships with Latinos and African Americans, respectively.

Communicate: We are re-energizing our Diversity & Inclusion statement, ensuring all voices are reflected in our workplace and in our marketing.

Activate: We engaged our teams to remove barriers to growth, belonging and advancement by creating Affinity Resource Groups - People of Color, Women's Empowerment and LGBTQ+ - each with an Executive Sponsor and leaders who are sharing their own journeys and leading initiatives.


Educate: We achieved 100% participation in the cultural Intelligence training.

Communicate: Team member led workstreams are spearheading the movement to re-energize what Diversity & Inclusion means at CKE.

Activate: ARGs have held 10 Virtual "Wrap" Sessions with more than 400 team members, collectively. Surveys indicate 80% of participants are highly satisfied with the coursework. We also gained additional insight: 10% of participants felt a need for CKE to further build a strategy of inclusion.


Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, which is not only our expectation, but a fundamental right. Operating and franchising restaurants in nearly all corners of the world, we employ and serve people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and beliefs. We celebrate this diversity and encourage others to join us as we bring our communities together, embrace our differences, and together champion positive change.

Ned Lyerly
Chief Executive Officer
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