Inclusion Education & Training at Andrews McMeel Universal


Identifying the unique problems/experiences of our associates to understand how we can nurture an inclusive environment and educate our associates on the importance of diverse perspectives and inclusivity. 

  • Added D&I questions to our 2019 Engagement Survey
  • Formed Diversity & Inclusion Discussion Group with associates from all AMU departments
  • Introduce Unconscious Bias/Microaggressions Training in 2021

AMU is in the early stages of identifying exactly what type of inclusion education/training would be most impactful to our organization. After implementing specific questions in our associate engagement survey this summer, we identified a need to take a closer look at the conversations we are/are not having as it relates inclusion. In August of 2019 we formed a D&I discussion group (open to all associates) that has given us an opportunity to discuss the unique experiences and needs of our associates in depth. This discussion group has given us a better idea of how we can implement inclusion/unconscious bias training that will result in positive change and ultimately create a more harmonious, engaged, and collaborative culture.

AMU is committed to offering Inclusion Education/Training to all of our associates in 2021. We are currently developing a facilitated course to address some of the negative experience's associates are having and to encourage dialogue across the organization about the importance of an inclusive environment.


Susan Johnson, Chief People and Communications Officer

Megan Kinney, Senior Talent Manager

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