Inclusion Education and Training at Ascensus


To increase associates’ awareness and knowledge about diversity and inclusion topics, Ascensus must provide tools, information, and resources to help build a strong foundation for fostering inclusion within the organization.


Leaders are equipped with guidelines and suggestions to ensure conversations around diversity and inclusion are productive and respectful and also give associates a safe space to come forward within an environment focused on listening.

To build knowledge around D&I concepts, associates can tap into a collection of resources including articles, podcasts, and reading materials.


Training courses support awareness as well as skill building and deeper learning, and Ascensus recently engaged recognized diversity and inclusion experts to create learning opportunities for leaders and associates.


Annmarie Frio


There is no room for racism or prejudice in our world, and we condemn these divisive tools of hate, the acts they inspire, and the people who wield them as weapons. It is our obligation to listen with both greater empathy and curiosity, develop a deeper understanding of those different from ourselves, and support those in pain with a pledge that we will try harder to make a real difference. As a company, we will continue our efforts to make Ascensus a place where all feel welcomed and valued, and the different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that each of us bring are not only respected but make us stronger.

David Musto
Ascensus President and CEO
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