Inclusion Education and Training at Alliance Global Advisors


Industry-wide initiative to collect and monitor DEI data/progress and educating the industry on ESG/DEI best practices.


Inclusion Education and Training.


Alliance Professional Development on the topics of ESG and DEI.

Alliance Global Advisors is committed to facilitating conversations with Investors and their partners on the topic of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). At Alliance, we believe that an inclusive workplace can lead to a more diverse work environment, and the best fiduciaries can and should strive to enhance diversity of thought within their organizations.

One challenge that Alliance helps its clients overcome is the area of education surrounding ESG and DEI. Leveraging past work in ESG initiatives, the Alliance Team provides ongoing guidance to Investors, Investment Managers and Consultants on incorporating ESG and DEI initiatives in their organizations, with partners and during the due diligence process.  To accomplish this task, Alliance offers professional development training on the topic of ESG and DEI to our clients and their teams. Topics include integration of ESG/DEI initiatives into day-to-day activity, establishing policies and procedures, measuring workforce compensation, promoting diversity in decision-making roles, considering pay equity, aligning recruiting and training efforts with DEI goals and more.

Another challenge Alliance saw was the inconsistency in ESG/DEI data collection and reporting across the industry.  In order to move the needle forward, there needed to be a baseline and consistent way of reporting on ESG and DEI efforts.  Alliance initiated the coordination of an industry effort (supported by major industry associations) to collect, report and improve diversity measures in the real estate industry.   The goal of this initiative was to create a cohort of industry leaders that would pledge to provide annual firm-level data on DEI metrics and efforts to create a uniform way of collecting and reporting on these initiatives.  

Jennifer Stevens, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Alliance Global Advisors, is an active participant in the PREA Foundation’s Diversity Working Group and an active participant in Project Elevation, two organizations centered around industry efforts to improve DEI in the institutional investment sector.

Both Co-Founders, Heather Border and Jennifer Stevens participate in speaking engagements and provide education on ESG and DEI to the industry at large.


Alliance Global Advisors is focused on elevating best practices in the real asset investment industry.  With over 17 years of consulting experience including Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives, we believe continued education, measurable data collection and firm-wide integration of ESG initiatives are prudent for Investors and Investment Managers alike.  As a woman-owned business, we are beneficiaries of - and advocates for – efforts to promote and expand Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for our team, and our industry as a whole. We strive to promote an inclusive environment for our team in which everyone feels welcome, valued, respected and has equitable access to opportunity.

Jennifer Stevens and Heather Border
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