Inclusion Campaign


How does the organization ensure that leaders and associates understand the behaviors and feelings that characterize an inclusive workplace where people feel a sense of belonging?


In 2019, U.S. Cellular launched a year-long Inclusion Campaign. The Inclusion Campaign is a company-wide journey aimed at building a more inclusive culture at U.S. Cellular. As a part of the campaign the HR/D&I Team delivered:

  1.  A three-minute video emphasizing the need to listen deeply to diverse voices;
  2.  Four hours of online training to support inclusive practice by leaders and associates;
  3.  A review/inclusive updates to key company policies (LGBTQ practices, fair pay, anti-harassment, performance) and;
  4.  The introduction of tools, assessments and development opportunities that support inclusive practices in everyday work (i.e. team composition, bias awareness, managing micro-aggression).
  • The CEO and CHRO delivered a company-wide "Inclusion Campaign" launch event to provide information on the company's commitment to inclusive practices, policies and performance expectations. Similar events were held across the footprint to launch the campaign aimed at reaching 90% of the company's
  • An Inclusion Performance Competency model was introduced to the organization including eight competency anchors to set expectations regarding inclusive behaviors. The behaviors will be a part of U.S. Cellular's performance assessment approach.
  • Four (4) Inclusion tools were introduced to U.S. Cellular leaders.
  • 175 director-level and above associates completed the lntercultural Development Inventory (IDI). The inventory provides insight into each leader's individual level of cultural competency, one of the eight inclusion anchors in our competency model. 

Troy McIntosh, Senior Director Diversity & Inclusion
[email protected]



For our organization, nothing is more important than serving our customers with excellence. The Inclusion Campaign  is  a unique opportunity for us to continue a journey to become more inclusive  and  erve customers better, attract top talent and deepen relationships with our communities. I am still learning, but as a company we are in this together and we are all learning how to be more inclusive.

Ken Meyers
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