Inclusion & Belonging Learning & Development Roadmap


In reviewing our diversity and inclusion learning program, we realized that key cultural concepts of a diverse and inclusive culture could be more impactful if reinforced across the employee experience.  


With an important cultural goal being to foster a workplace in which all employees can bring their “whole selves” to work, and feel a deep sense of belonging and inclusion, we came up with an approach that touches key points of the end-to-end employee learning experience: an Inclusion & Belonging, Learning & Development Roadmap.


The result is envisioned as an end-to-end workplace experience – from the time we meet with candidates, through hiring, engaging and developing employees throughout their careers.


Esayas Wureta


A culture in which everyone feels a sense of inclusion and belonging doesn’t happen by chance or just in employee orientation. It needs to be intentional, based on shared values, leadership and a well-thought-out, integrated plan. It needs to touch the employee from Day One, across the entire employee experience.

Paula Downey
President and CEO, CSAA Insurance Group
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