Inclusion and Diversity Journey


Pentair has a history of strong core values and guiding behaviors, and leadership competencies which embrace a mindset of inclusion. We desired to build upon these strengths by launching a team dedicated to advancing the culture of inclusion and diversity through education, awareness, respect and empathy for others.


In 2019 Pentair committed to further strengthen its culture with a renewed focus on developing an inclusive workplace and leveraging the diverse perspectives and insights of its global employees. The long term, multi-year strategy, championed by the executive leadership team is anchored to four main pillars: Workplace Inclusion, Workforce Diversity, Community and Marketplace. The executive leadership team has publically committed to advancing a culture of inclusion aligned to the company’s Win Right Strategy for building a high performance growth culture as a key priority for the organization. Leaders highlight progress at each employee quarterly town hall to reinforce its importance.


An I&D hub was launched on the company intranet for sharing and communicating ideas, and to provide learning resources and tools on the topics related to bias, diversity, racism and inclusive conversations. Inclusive leadership training was launched in 2020. The I&D team partnered with talent acquisition to establish campus recruiting strategies, interview team training and other recruiting strategies to improve diverse hiring outcomes. In addition, two employee-driven resource groups emerged focused on advancing and empowering women and the Black and African American employee community in the workplace. Backed by executive sponsors, initiatives include panel speaker events with global female leader representation to expand awareness of challenges for women in the workplace, listening sessions for the Black and African American employees and plans are in place for an event on allyship. Most recently, the Human Resource and Legal departments - launched a 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge to take meaningful action through self-awareness and education in racial equity.


Aimee Klemenz, Director – Culture, Inclusion and Diversity



At Pentair, we are committed to doing our part to build and advance unity, equity, and inclusion in our company and in our communities. This includes strengthening our culture by advancing our focus on ensuring an inclusive workplace and leveraging the diverse and unique perspectives and insights of our global employees.

John L. Stauch
President and CEO
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