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Inaugural Yondr Group ERG Launch - Women@Yondr


As we analyzed our company diversity, we saw a need to support our current employee demographic, and an opportunity to create a more established sense of community and belonging for many women at Yondr. They were looking for ways to connect to other women in a social and professional setting and increase that interaction between employees scattered across various teams, business units and regions.


As a first step, Yondr Group officially launched the company’s first ERG network. We implemented a company-wide Women’s@Yondr ERG, with an added monetary incentive for each of the ERG co-chairs at the end of their one year tenure. We believe this is an important step for not only our organization, but to the many employees who will participate and benefit from it. At Yondr, we also believe that the co-chairs should be compensated for taking on additional work that would be on top of their day-to-day job responsibilities.


Two co-chairs have already been selected to lead the ERG for the next twelve months. Our Womens@ network is growing, with increasing membership and the ERG has already begun creating that space of belonging and shared experiences for those who have joined. The ERG is currently in the process of developing its own mission/vision and objectives. Yondr is committed to continuing its support for the ERG to ensure the company is providing the best possible experience for all of our employees, worldwide.

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