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Improve Diverse Representation


We recognize that a diverse representation in the workforce is essential as it leads to innovation and an increase in business performance.


We encourage everyone to reach their full potential.  One pillar of our Sustainability Development strategy is ‘Gender Diversity’ focused on the following initiatives:

  • Gender pay equity everywhere we operate
  • Gender balance in the organization, across all functions and levels
  • Fair and equal promotion of women through the career development process

We completed a gender pay equity review in the organization and in the last couple of years, we have improved female representation across all levels.  We will extend this study using a broader diversity lens covering but not limited to underrepresented nationalities, race and ethnicity equity as part of our three year sustainability roadmap.

  • 100% review of jobs to ensure gender equity.
  • 27% of board members are women.
  • 44% of executive officers are women – 17% increase.
  • 23% of women in senior leadership roles – 8% increase.
  • 23% of women globally.

Lamonica Spivey
[email protected]


We commit to do more in the area of Diversity & Inclusion across our organization, including:

Making TechnipFMC a trusting place to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity and inclusion by encouraging an ongoing dialogue and valuing openness;

Enhancing and expanding our unconscious bias education, so that we acknowledge, recognize, and work towards eliminating these biases; and

Broadening our Sustainability focus to create a TechnipFMC, at all levels of our organization, that reflects the gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability diversity of the communities in which we operate.

I am delighted to join the CEO action for D&I and look forward to working with industry peers in driving change.

Douglas J. Pferdehirt
CEO, Technip FMC
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