Implementing Gender Strategies


We recognized a disparity in representation of women in senior and executive leadership roles, and we sought to close the gap. In addition, we realized that a focus on equitable benefits and pay could have a positive impact on the retention of women.


Reviewed people snapshot data (new hires, promotions, voluntary/involuntary turnover) to identify areas of opportunity, as well as pay equity and benefits, to help ensure the retention of women as we worked to fill open roles. In addition, we developed a plan to increase women representation on Hillrom’s Board of Directors and in executive and senior leadership roles.

Hillrom President and CEO John Groetelaars signed the Catalyst CEO Champions for Change pledge to advance more women into all levels of leadership, and Chief Legal Officer Deborah Rasin signed the Mansfield Pledge to encourage greater representation of women in our legal representation.


In February 2020, an African American female was appointed to the Board of Directors, increasing representation of women on our board from 30% to 36%; women representation on our executive leadership team (ELT) has increased to 36%.

Policies and benefits have been enhanced to include inclusive benefits such as paid parental leave, MilkStork travel solutions for nursing moms, and transgender medical coverage.

By signing the Catalyst CEO Champions for Change pledge, John Groetelaars is among 70+ CEOs who have come together to accelerate and advance women, including women of color, into senior leadership and board positions. 

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