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We’ve found that retaining and developing top talent, especially women and people of color, can become quite challenging if we are not intentional around these efforts.


In its 12th year, Sodexo’s Spirit of Mentoring initiative has been recognized in its effectiveness as a talent development strategy that supports Sodexo’s business strategy, expands developmental opportunities and positions Sodexo leaders for success.  IMPACT is one of the mentoring programs offered as part of the Spirit of Mentoring initiative. 

IMPACT is Sodexo’s formal, cross-divisional and cross-functional mentoring initiative. As leadership competencies are being honed, participants are encouraged to “bring their whole selves” to their partnership. In each cohort, approximately 75% of matches are cross-cultural (cross-race, cross-gender, or both) and 85% are connecting across business segments.


IMPACT supports Sodexo’s business strategy, expands developmental opportunities and positions Sodexo leaders for success. It has a proven track record of engaging and retaining top talent, while exposing managers to diversity of experience, perspectives, and cultures. Mentoring has helped “break down silos” and enables collaboration, goal achievement and problem solving.

Sodexo conducted longitudinal studies, assessing promotional rates for mentees in the 2013 -2016, IMPACT programs and found:

  • 53% of female mentees have been promoted. The rate out paces the promotion rate for those in the cohort group.
  • 78% of female mentees remain with the organization, even in the midst of significant transformational change taking place in the organization in more recent years.


Dawnita J. Wilson: [email protected]

At Sodexo, improving quality of life is at the core of what we do.  And as a CEO, it is my responsibility to ensure that commitment includes everyone.  Signing the CEO Action for Inclusion Pledge not only confirms my personal commitment to making a difference, but also reinforces Sodexo’s intention to continue to evolve our diversity & inclusion journey in a way that assures an inclusive culture for all employees.

Lorna Donatone, Chief Executive Officer, Geographic Regions; Region Chair – North America

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