Identifying and Addressing Unconscious Bias


Even with the best of intentions, we failed to deliver positive client and employee experiences reflective of our corporate values and culture of inclusion. 


KeyBank’s Identifying and Addressing Unconscious Bias platform provides multiple learning channels to identify unconscious bias; takes steps to mitigate our biases; and maximizes the impact of our behaviors and interactions with our clients, co-workers, communities and each other.

This holistic approach included a presentation to over 250 of KeyBank’s senior executives from renowned Harvard University professor Dr. Mahzarin Banaji. In addition, customized, facilitated sessions were conducted within our Lines of Business. We also leveraged Key Community Bank’s “skill builder” learning model to engage all front-line retail branch network employees.

This “skill builder” series was delivered over four weeks via discussions facilitated by KeyBank branch managers. The interactive sessions included participant/manager guides and customized video vignettes addressing “real life” client interactions, as well as toolkits and intranet sites to reinforce learning and provide additional information. Given this approach required tough and sometimes uncomfortable conversations about unconscious bias, employees and managers also received other supportive resources as needed.


7,249 branch network employees completed a post-series test, and over 700 leaders and employees attended facilitated sessions. As KeyBank is committed to making Identifying and Addressing Unconscious Bias a sustainable platform; the branch network will deliver quarterly follow-up huddle sessions and we intend to launch an enterprise-wide awareness channel in Q3 2017.


Poppie M Parish


A diverse and inclusive culture is the best – and in my mind the only way to make good on our purpose, which is to help our clients and our communities thrive. By building awareness of unconscious biases, we will deliver a more inclusive workplace for our employees, and better ensure we are offering our clients outstanding service and experiences.

Beth Mooney
Chairman and CEO
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