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At Huntington Bank, ensuring a diverse and inclusive work environment is our standard.  We want colleagues to bring their whole self to work, which is a continuous pulse check of our workplace and culture to understand what and how we need to do what matters most for colleagues.  We are committed to ALL colleagues feeling welcomed, especially at a time when differences are not always embraced in their everyday lives.  


We established nine voluntary colleague-driven Business Resource Groups (BRG) (AdaptAbility, African-American, Asian, LGBTA, Military, Today’s Families, UNIVOZ, Young Professionals, Women’s Network) organized around a shared interest or common diversity dimension grounded in inclusion and empowered to:

  • Use their voice and collective power to develop inclusive policies and practices that have a positive impact on workplace culture and the organization as a whole;
  • Attract, develop, and retain top talent through networking, mentoring, and professional and career path development; and
  • Participate and organize community outreach through community initiatives, events, and programs that are inclusive and contribute to the economic strength of our local communities.

We also established three voluntary colleague-driven Inclusion Councils (IC) that provide an opportunity for ALL to participate in creating an inclusive culture at Huntington. 


As a result, Huntington has established new policies and practices that are welcoming and inclusive for ALL colleagues and earned top employer by having 100% score on the Disability Equality Index. In 2016, Lactation, Meditation and Inclusion Rooms were added to facilities. In 2017, Gender Neutral Facilities were added, a continued commitment to ongoing translation of products to Spanish, and developing a campaign for self-identification so colleagues know we are committed to them bringing their whole self to work. Also, we anticipate our BRGs/ICs will submit additional suggestions to further expand and model our ALL are WELCOME culture at Huntington Bank. 


Marlon Moore
[email protected]


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