Huddle Points


Leaders and work teams need a way to easily incorporate conversations on D&I topics into regular meetings and “huddles” to truly integrate D&I into their everyday work.


A D&I toolkit is published on the company’s intranet site with a variety of tools related to D&I, including articles, videos, and other resources. The toolkit also includes many “huddle points” that can be used as quick education pieces and conversation starters for meetings and other events. Topics include those related to diversity recognition months (like Black History Month, Autism Awareness Month, LGBTQ Pride Month, etc.) as well specific D&I topics (such as Inclusive Meetings, Religious Expression, Transgender Inclusion, Diversity of Personality, Mental Health and Inclusiveness, and Microagressions). Huddle points are also available on various holidays to educate employees about these holidays and how they are celebrated (for example, Yom Kippur, Diwali, Bodhi Day, Kwanzaa). Huddle points also include conversation starter questions and links to additional resources on the topic.


Teams have reported great response to these quick-hit topics that have helped them build understanding and stronger relationships with others, and to feel valued for their differences and a stronger sense of belonging. The huddle points have also been used in meetings and events to generate conversation.


Debra Rodgers
[email protected]


State Farm strives to be known for our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are stronger and better together when we seek the broadest perspectives, invite fresh, new ideas and encourage healthy, respectful debate. But these are just words. We make this real when we each commit and empower ourselves to continue to nurture an environment where diversity and inclusion are welcome and expected in everything we do. Our customers and associates deserve nothing less.

Michael L. Tipsord
CEO, State Farm
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