Hiring for Brains & Passion


PTC’s success as a company depends upon our ability to attract and retain the best talent. Therefore, we need to have a diverse, inclusive workforce that looks like the future we are trying to build.


In 2017, we launched an overarching transformation initiative that aligns our talent practices with our long-term goals to attract, retain, and enable smart, passionate people with a wide diversity of backgrounds and experiences to do their best work and feel like they belong.

As part of the re-design effort, we instituted the following:

  • Redesigned Hiring Process: Our hiring process now includes structured competency-based interviewing, non-bias personality assessments, hiring committees, removed focus on salary history, a structured process for evaluating and comparing candidates, and mandatory manager training – all practices shown to reduce the impact of unconscious bias and promote equality.
  • Refreshed Online Presence: Through updates to images and language, our career websites now better reflect our diverse and inclusive workforce. Additionally, our #lifeatPTC social presence allows employees to share real inside looks at what life is like at PTC.
  • Fresh Look at Pay Equity: By deepening our understanding of the overall global pay equity landscape, we have taken steps to educate, raise awareness, and establish goals to target root causes for pay disparity, such as emphasizing women in leadership positions.


Initial feedback on the new processes and tools has been very positive. We are continually evaluating our practices and progress to make changes as needed.


Colleen Simonelli: VP Diversity & Inclusion and Organizational Development


If we hire smart people who really want to do something interesting, rather than hiring based on long-term experience, that’s a change that sets us up for a very successful future.

Jim Heppelmann, PTC President & CEO

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