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Healthy Blue Wellness Program


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts’s (BCBSMA) vision is to provide quality, affordable health care to our members and we do so by promoting healthy living in their professional and personal lives. We recognized that we needed to engage our own associates—who are also members—in the same way.


The well-being of our associates is critical to our success as a company. We promote a holistic approach to wellness that includes physical, social, emotional, and financial – enabling our associates to be their best at work and at home. Our wellness programs offer associates a wide variety of ways to achieve their goals in these areas.

Physical – We have Wellness Centers in which associates can practice yoga, meditation, or get energized in associate-led classes such as Zumba. We have, among other things, walk stations, outdoor walking trails, healthy food offerings in our cafés, walking and running groups, an onsite Registered Dietician and Wellness Coach, ergonomics assessments, and adjustable desks.

Social –Associates are encouraged to socialize during the workday in healthy ways. We have a mobile, social, photo submission site called How Do YOU Live Well? where associates can upload photos of how they stay healthy in and out of the office. Additionally, we encourage participation in our ERGs, community gardens, and various department and team wellness initiatives. We also offer a free “Healthy Snack Break” every month that gives associates an opportunity to take a wellness break with colleagues and many associates participate in our annual, company-wideService Day.

Emotional – We offer a free employee assistance program that helps with stress management for associates and their families. We also offer free onsite meditation and yoga classes, back-up child and elder care, resources for children with special needs, flexible work arrangements, parental leave, and onsite and online advance care planning trainings and resources.

Financial – We offer onsite financial seminars, spending accounts to help assist in paying for health care costs, and retirement planning seminars. We also offer a $300 Fitness Plus benefit that reimburse associates for gym memberships and the purchase of equipment as well as a $300 Mind/Body benefit for alternative medicines such as acupuncture and massage.

We also engage associates through our Healthy Blue Wellness Incentive Program. This program allows associates to earn up to $600 per year for completing an onsite biometric screening and earning points by taking part in healthy activities.


For the last five years, over 90% of our associates have participated in our Healthy Blue Wellness program and other well-being offerings.


Kathleen Quirk: [email protected]

At BCBSMA, we work hard to create a culture of well-being where our associates feel they have the support to be their best in and out of the office. It’s critical that we have a healthy and productive workforce not only to meet our business goals, but to serve as a model of health and wellness for our customers

Andrew Dreyfus, President and Chief Executive Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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