Health & Wellbeing


Create a comprehensive and holistic set of programs and initiatives to enhance the health and wellbeing of our multicultural workforce.


Some of our initiatives include: 

  • Employees are offered one day off every four months to attend to health and wellbeing related needs, which is an industry first.
  • Our healthy lifestyle program provides coaching and online/in-person wellbeing tools and information. A new program in 2020, with a more holistic approach, will encourage more engagement and motivation throughout the year for a healthier life style.
  • Our free Health Advocate service, made up of professionals including nurses, doctors and psychologists, is designed to help our employees and their family navigate the healthcare system and help them handle healthcare and insurance related issues.
  • Our corporate offices, designed to accommodate a range of activities and enable collaboration, include green wall elements. Social hubs are loaded with healthy snack and beverage options, while dens and wellness rooms offer employees spots to get away and reboot their brains. 
  • We encourage flexible ways of working and empower our leaders to think differently about where, when and how work is completed to meet the professional and personal goals of our people.
  • Performance discussions include a conversation each year around wellbeing and flexibility.
  • We offer mental wellbeing, suicide prevention and mental health first aid (MHFA) courses.


In our Employee Engagement Surveys, we score the highest in Safety (which includes mental wellbeing) and Diversity & Inclusion -- two areas that are essential to how we operate.


Carol Guerrero 

We want our people to bring their whole selves to work, and to reach their full potential professionally and personally. The range of support we offer our people really speaks to our culture of care and our vision to create the best places.

Denis Hickey, CEO, Lendlease

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