Having Those Tough Conversations


Employees are not having the much-needed conversations surrounding our current toxic political environment. Due to this toxic environment, employees in the workforce are not engaged or innovative and there is no sense of belonging. If there are no discussions at the workplace, it can come across to employees that employers do not care about them.


In order for us to move the needle and start having these difficult conversations, everyone must be included in them including while-heterosexual-males. The conversations will encompass politics, discuss the serious issues marginalized groups are having to face, and various other relevant topics. Silence is complicity. There is no room to just sit and do nothing. Each organization is different and has their own culture. Therefore, there is not a one size fits all answer. Having conversations lead to stories, trust, commitment to relationships, and a willingness to start discussions. We have to start somewhere and now is the time.


Let me be clear, having these difficult conversations will not be easy. Conversations lead employees to tell their stories and as indicated leads to trust, commitment, and the willingness to start a discussion. Not only will the organization learn more about their employees but each employee will learn more about one another. Ultimately, this will lead employees to believing that their organization cares and they’ll feel engaged while having a sense of belonging. 


Anthony Paradiso


Inclusion is essential for diversity programs and initiatives to succeed. Diversity is extremely important, but diversity cannot sustain itself without inclusion.

Anthony Paradiso
Owner & Founder, AllThingzAP
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