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Oaktree is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in our organization, as we believe a diverse workforce enhances our decision-making processes, investment decisions, and the firm through the sharing of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.  We believe this ultimately leads to better investment results, which is good for our clients, employees and unitholders.  To back this commitment, we intend to increase Oaktree’s diversity and inclusion in underrepresented groups, with a particular focus on our investment teams. 

  • Empower a Diversity & Inclusion Council with representation from men, women, historically underrepresented minorities, and both investment and non-investment leaders.
  • Develop a diversity and inclusion strategy utilizing the Diversity & Inclusion Council workstreams to recruit, develop and retain diverse employees.
  • Leverage Oaktree employees in various Diversity & Inclusion Council workstreams, thereby sending a clear message that our efforts are not simply a “top of the house” initiative.
  • Provide accountability and visibility among department heads to accelerate results. 

Since focusing our diversity and inclusion efforts at the beginning of 2017, we have seen:  

  • Increased awareness on diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias.
  • Widespread volunteer engagement in diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • More diverse candidate slates for open positions.
  • An increase in women hired into investment and officer roles. 

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Ensuring Oaktree reflects our diverse client base and provides our employees with an inclusive place to grow is paramount to our success as a firm. We already hold ourselves accountable to each other in advancing this vision; in signing the pledge, we strengthen our resolve to pursue an inclusive work environment for all Oaktree staff members globally.

Jay Wintrob
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