Growing, Advancing and Retaining Diverse Talent


At BOK Financial, we are committed to broadening the diversity of our talent.


To ensure we have a diverse pipeline of talent both inside and outside of the organization, we have implemented the following actions focused on preparing our workforce for the future:


  • Ensure that all members of our recruiting team have completed AIRS Certified Diversity Recruiter certification as well as Diversity & Inclusion Recruiter Accreditation, a custom-developed training program for BOKF talent and attraction specialists.
  • Obtain and implement an AI tool to reduce unconscious bias in recruiting.
  • Commit that all candidate slates presented to managers are comprised of at least 25% diverse applicants.

Early talent programs

  • Set goals for our college intern and ACT programs to ensure our intern/graduate recruiting has a diversity focus.
  • Expand our university recruiting to include historically diverse colleges.
  • Build a diverse university recruitment steering committee to find new and innovative ways to attract diverse talent.

Improve internal processes to advance diverse talent

  • Update job descriptions to remove gender bias and extreme modifiers.
  • Provide unconscious bias training for all leadership across our footprint.
  • Provide access to LinkedIn Learning for all employees across the company to ensure equal access to opportunities to learn and grow.


  • All members of Talent Acquisition have completed AIRS Diversity Certification as well as internal accreditation.
  • Implemented an AI sourcing tool to surface the best candidates while removing bias. Another AI tool – Olivia by Paradox – was implemented to assist with the recruiting process.
  • We have exceeded our goal of a minimum of 25% diverse slate of candidates.

Early talent programs

  • With an intentional focus on diversity recruiting on campuses, we have surpassed our early talent goal, with 2020 being the most diverse in our company history. We have seen a lift in:
    • Females: 41%, up from 25% in 2016
    • Persons of color: 37%, up from 8% in 2016
  • Have focused recruiting efforts on five historically diverse colleges.
  • Our University Recruitment Steering committee was formed in mid-2020 and is looking forward to positive results.

Improve internal processes to advance diverse talent

  • We have rewritten the 200 most requested job requisitions to remove gender bias and extreme modifiers that will be live in December 2020. These jobs represent 60% of posted positions.
  • We have created a comprehensive educational program on inclusion and bias. Training began with executive leadership and all managers, reaching 671 individuals. We will continue to roll training throughout the organization.
  • In February 2020, we provided unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning for all employees to ensure equal access to opportunities. Approximately 43% of our employee population has taken advantage of the opportunity. Our employees have logged more than 12,000 hours, viewing nearly 25,000 different courses and 250,000 videos.
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