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Exposing foreign Fulbright scholars and other international students to leading New York corporate leaders, U.S. classrooms and area communities for mutually beneficial globally diverse educational exchanges. Harnessing the unique skills and experiences of international students in the Tri-State area into workplaces of the future including U.S. companies which operate globally.


As the U.S. Department of State official coordinator for foreign Fulbright scholars and students in the greater New York area, One To World has been responsible for organizing enrichment programs since 1988 for the up to 1,000 elite scholars who arrive to study at New York area academic institutions each year. Its initiatives include “Conversations with World Leaders” where Fulbright scholars meet American leaders in business, education, philanthropy and in the humanities for an intimate exchange of ideas and insights that cross cultures.

Through community visits with American families in their homes, One To World promotes diverse, global educational growth for Fulbright scholars as well as other international students and for their U.S. hosts.

New York City K-12 students gain first-hand knowledge of world cultures when Global Guides – international students and Fulbright scholars – lead workshops in public schools and afterschool programs across the city.

Developing diverse talent also includes bringing global perspectives to discussions on American foreign policy with cadets and midshipmen at the U.S. military Academy and U.S. Naval Academy.

One To World makes a lasting imprint on thousands of international students studying at New York area campuses by running employment workshops and job shadowing with NYC professionals to provide workplace skills and enriching participating businesses through relationships with the students.


For the past 40 years, by working with 65 member institutions in the greater New York area who serve international students and scholars, One To World has tapped into the nearly 100,000 international students and Fulbright scholars at the campuses in the region, to develop globally diverse talents within the academic, business and non-profit organizations. In addition, through its “Conversation with World Leaders,” One To World has engaged with scores of New York area corporations and leading organizations to connect them with elite Fulbright scholars poised to take up significant future roles in their home country businesses and governments.


Jen E. Clarke: [email protected]

We work every day to bring people from around the globe together in conversation and action, face-to- face. We have so much to learn from each other, whether international to American, American to international or international to international. As international conflicts change the landscape of New York City, the United States and the world, the need to cultivate productive and peaceful relations among nations grows more urgent every day. We’ve taken up this challenge, and are proud to have contributed to building globally diverse connections over the last 40 years, one relationship at a time.

Jen Clarke, CEO

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