Giving Back and Getting Involved


Knowles firmly believes that investing and giving back to communities that are under-served is critical to combating social injustice.


Knowles is collaborating with a non-for profit organization, PEAK Chicago (Partnership to Educate and Advance Kids) to support education efforts for incoming high school students from high-risk neighborhoods. Since 1998, Peak has focused on an often-overlooked segment of Chicago’s youth, academically average students from our city’s most challenging and under-servved neighborhoods. Knowles commitment includes providing a 4 year scholarship to a qualified student to attend a local, private school. Additionally, starting May 2021, we have piloted a Knowles Employee/Student Tutor Program where our employees will commit 1.5 hours per week to provide tutoring to students in STEM subjects. As a leading technology company, Knowles can offer some of the world’s brightest engineers as STEM tutors.


During the inaugural year of our partnership with PEAK Chicago, we have funded one student with a four-year scholarship, and we have 10 employees who have committed to providing tutoring on STEM subjects, 1.5 hours per week, for the next 8 weeks.


Ray Cabrera, SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer

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