Get Intentional About Diversity


Since its founding, WP Engine has built a team that doesn’t look like your typical technology team. As the company has scaled, we remain intentional about ensuring diversity across all levels of the organization.


We continually look to ensure equal opportunities for all employees’ careers. We are doing so by:

  • Training all executives and managers in practical strategies for coaching and growing employees.
  • Advocating for inclusity through our grassroots “SHEroes” program that empowers our female employees through professional and personal development.
  • Eliminating pay inequality by limiting salary negotiations during the hiring process in order to recognize employees through pay raises and promotions based on performance.
  • Reviewing all salaries yearly to ensure pay parity across the organization so that all raises, promotions and new job assignments, are awarded based on merit alone.
  • Last year, proudly committed to the White House’s Equal Pay Pledge to ensure ongoing pay parity. In our evaluation, we found no evidence of pay disparity and review proactively every year.
  • Named one of Fortune’s 2017 Great Places to Work for Millennials.
  • Continually recognized for having a great culture. During the award survey process for one local publication, Austin Business Journal’s Best Places to work, 99% of female employees at WP Engine stated all employees are treated fairly regardless of race, gender, age, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation or other differences.
  • Promoted more than 14% of employees in the first half of 2017
  • Diversity in our workforce
    • 60% of executive team are women
    • 30% of our non-executive management are women
    • 35% of employees do not have college degrees
    • 30% of employees are underrepresented minorities
    • 5% identify as LGBTQ
  • 100% of managers have attended an Arbinger workshop - one that helps ensure the company takes an “outward” mindset.

Eric Jones
[email protected]


My challenge to business leaders is to be intentional about diversity. Balance doesn’t just happen; you have to create an environment where differences are valued and encouraged. From that, employees thrive and encourage others to do the same. In opening doors wider it creates a virtuous cycle because diversity attracts diversity. People are more likely to join an organization where they can be themselves and find people with shared values and opportunities that will challenge them. We aspire to build a company that empowers people and provides them with the environment and tools to be the best they possibly can.

Heather J. Brunner
Chairwoman and CEO, WP Engine
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