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Gender Strategies at Vistra Corp.


Vistra strives to ensure gender equality in the workplace, including representation, access to opportunities for professional development, and pay scale.


Vistra’s diversity is evolving and management is leading by example. Following Vistra’s most recent annual meeting of stockholders, our board is comprised of 10 members, three of whom are women and two of whom are minorities. Our two newest board members, both business and energy veterans, bring extensive operational, policy, and regulatory expertise. Our CEO, Curt Morgan, led this effort to diversify our Board of Directors.

Vistra’s women-focused employee resource group (ERG), Women’s Information Network (WIN), inspires the women of Vistra to develop personally and professionally, reach their fullest leadership potential, and be champions within the community. WIN aspires to attract, retain, and advance women at Vistra through professional and personal development, with guest speakers and special events throughout the year and typically one major event per quarter. With many employees working from home during the pandemic, there have been virtual events, like the “Learn a Latte” speaker series, featuring pre-recorded conversations between Vistra leaders.

In addition to representation at the board and management team level, as well as the WIN ERG, Vistra’s compensation team conducts an annual pay equity analysis.


With regards to gender diversity, women hold 29% of the company’s senior management positions, the company’s management committee consists of 14 men and 9 women, 50% of the CEOs direct reports are women, and 30 percent of the board of directors are women. Mr. Morgan takes an active role in gender diversity, including attending WIN meetings, ensuring Vistra’s leadership team is continuing to expand its diversity, and reviewing the company’s diversity and gender employment statistics along with action plans to enhance diversity and inclusion.


Meranda Cohn
[email protected]


As much as I want to believe that America has evolved from a diversity and inclusion standpoint, too many recent events in our society and listening sessions with my own employees tell me otherwise. The stories our employees shared about the challenges they continue to face, most outside of the office but some within our own walls, simply because of the color of their skin were sobering. I’m compelled to sign the CEO Action for Inclusion pledge because I truly believe that as CEOs of major corporations, we must lay the plans and ensure the actions are taken on behalf of diversity and inclusion, and we must be held accountable for the results of those actions both inside our companies and in our communities. We cannot delegate on this critical matter; we must be the ones to lead, and the time is now.

Curt Morgan
Vistra CEO
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