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Gender Strategies & Affinity Groups and Networks at Grange Insurance


Opportunity to increase female representation at senior leadership level. 


Having a vibrant and highly engaged women's associate resource group has been a great development "hub" for female leaders at Grange, providing a robust portfolio of opportunities for learning, mentoring, engagement, sponsoring and supporting each other. With over 200 active members, it is the largest ARG at Grange and reflects our organizational support for women.

Our high potential programs are purposeful in maintaining gender balance to make sure we have the right mix of future leadership talent.


With four female Board members and six of the eight CEO direct reports being female leaders, our representation at the executive table is very robust and purposeful. This has been accomplished through intentional search policies (Board) and internal promotion (3 of the 6 female CEO direct reports were promoted internally).

Grange was recognized in 2016 by the Central Ohio Leadership Collaborative for building a leadership pipeline of women using comprehensive development strategies.

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