Gender Pay Equity Progress Around the World


3M’s global pay philosophy, principles and consistent implementation produce fair and equitable pay for our employees. We analyze pay equity by comparing employees in the same job category, job grade and location.


We seek to ensure employees of different genders are paid the same for similar job responsibilities, and our practices are creating gender pay equity across the globe. 3M has achieved pay equity within 90% of our global employee population, and we continue to make progress toward enterprise pay equity.


An analysis of our largest countries — comparing national average raw pay gap data between men and women to 3M's compensation data — showed our raw pay differences are below external benchmarks. Fourteen of the 17 countries analyzed show an adjusted gender wage gap of 1% or less. We are working to increase or maintain pay equity across the globe and are committed to transparency. Through an objective process and industry-leading compensation methods, we have achieved pay equity in the United States for women and for racial/ethnic groups.

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