Gender IQ Program


We wanted to both acknowledge and help colleagues understand gender differences and biases that arise in the workplace, so that we can leverage those differences to work together more effectively.


In 2017, we piloted Baxter’s Gender IQ Program – an internal leadership development program that brings together pairs of senior executive men and women for a workshop to:

  • Gain a better understanding of gender biases and blind spots that arise in the workplace,
  • Partner together to leverage gender differences and advance women at Baxter,
  • Create connections with peers to improve collaboration and teamwork, and
  • Identify practical, impactful action steps to work together more effectively.

The workshops are led and facilitated by two Baxter leaders, one female and one male. With our own leaders facilitating this workshop, they are role modeling and exemplifying their personal commitment to having open dialogue about gender differences and biases with a goal to advance women in leadership and drive an inclusive workplace culture.


Since its pilot in 2017 and expanded launch, to date, more than 165 executives have participated in this program.


Lisa Keltner


The diversity of our people – including backgrounds, beliefs and experiences – is a driving force of our organization and empowers our mission to save and sustain lives around the world. Programs designed to increase understanding and address biases between diverse employee groups is critical as we continue to build an inclusive culture. 

José (Joe) E. Almeida
Baxter Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
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