Gender Equity in the Workplace Reports


Addressing workplace inequalities between women and men is essential for economic development. Millions of talented women are not given the opportunities they deserve to advance professionally, ultimately affecting their economic success and that of the companies they work for.


The Bay Area Council Economic Institute has produced two reports to help inform and empower employers to advance gender equity in the workplace through clear best practices and policies. The first, Building Gender Equity in the Workplace lays out best practices to advance women in leadership, eliminate barriers to women’s employment, and close the gender earnings gap. Some of the recommendations include reducing unconscious bias, improving mentorship and career development opportunities, offering equitable HR policies, and creating a healthy workplace culture.

The second report, Workplace Connections illustrates how gender equity, family-friendly policies, and early childhood care and education are intertwined. You cannot have the first one without the other two. The report recommends actions that employers can take to holistically support and advance gender equity, family-friendly workplaces, and early childhood development including implementing flexibility, offering affordable access to childcare, and leading by example to encourage these policies and culture shift.


These reports launched a series of best practice workshops to inform and train Bay Area Council members on the recommendations from the reports. These convenings, which touched over 200 individuals, included trainings on unconscious bias, leadership development, family friendly workplaces, and more.  


Naomi Palmer


Every company and workforce environment is unique. We believe, however, that companies that choose to adopt these strategies will have healthier workforce environments that are more attractive to talent and in the long run will be stronger and more competitive.

Jim Wunderman
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