Gender Equality at Zennify


Inequality in the workplace between men and women is a barrier to economic development. Millions of talented women are not given the opportunities to advance professionally, which ultimately affects their financial success and the success of their companies.


As a company, Zennify strives to ensure that employees of different genders are paid equally for similar work responsibilities. We have achieved gender pay equity within the company and continue to make progress toward enterprise pay equity.


As part of our corporate social responsibility advocacy, we work to increase or maintain pay equity. We use an objective process and industry-leading compensation methods to achieve pay equity in the United States for women and minorities.


Savana Maxon
Sr. Employee Engagement Manager


DEI lives at the core of Zennify and permeates throughout the organization like a shining ray of light — we will embrace and celebrate it.

Manvir Sandhu
CEO, Zennify
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