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GDIB – Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking


Tracking, both quantitatively and qualitatively the D, E & I journey for AmerisourceBergen. Measuring initiative’s, deliverables, and outcomes around core D&I pillars: Talent, Learning, Communications and Engagement, Compliance, Supplier Diversity and Philanthropy, that are foundational in a ‘best practices’ D&I journey and strategy.  


Launch the GDIB- Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking measurement tool. The tool supports in the determination of strategy and measuring progress for D, E and I within an organization across 14 key areas that include; 1. Leadership and Accountability, 2. Community, Government Relations and Social Responsibility, 3. D&I and Sustainability, 4. Supplier Diversity, 5. Product and Services Development, 6. Communications, 7. Job Design, Classification and Compensation, 8. Benefits, Worklife and Flexibility, 9. Talent Recruitment, Retention, Development and Advancement, 10. D&I Structure and Implementation, 11. D&I Vision, Strategy and Business Case, 12. D&I Learning and Education, 13. Assessment, Measurement and Research, 14. Marketing and Customer Service. This measurement tool will assist and support the overarching D&I strategy in tracking the progress of building a broader D&I experience for associates, leadership, vendors, customers, and stakeholders.


Launch of the GDIB as a measurement tool in 2021. In July 2021, the office of Diversity and Inclusion will provide the GDIB assessment to approximately 200 associates across multiple areas of the business and at various levels of management and job category. The results will become the initial benchmark for measuring D&I within AmerisourceBergen.


Lonie Haynes, SVP and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer


At AmerisourceBergen, diversity, inclusion and equity are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values is unwavering—across our broad and ever-expanding global footprint. We understand and embrace that diverse perspectives and experiences are central to our mission and impact on creating healthier futures for everyone.

Steve Collis
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