Frazier & Deeter's Response to 2020 Racial Tensions


We recognize the importance of people bringing their whole self to work. Events that occur outside of work impact who they are and how they interact in the workplace. 


Facilitated our first open discussion regarding racial issues. The forum was centered around the history behind Juneteenth and race relations in America. We created an anonymous opportunity for everyone to share their questions about racism and how the history of racism has an impact on everyone’s life.
Hosted a learning session after watching a Ted Talk by Nita Mosby Tyler entitled “Want a More Just World – Be an Unlikely Ally”. The concept of being an ally (and an accomplice) was introduced in a prior program with Aisha Thomas-Petit.  We separated into smaller groups for some brainstorming on the topic of being an ally, came back together as one large group to share ideas on ways we can address inclusion and be a better ally to others at work and in life.  
Created a DEI Book Club with the goal of reading a minimum of two books each year related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The goal of the book club is to create more opportunities to discuss diverse issues. We read So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Oluo, which explores the complex reality of today’s racial landscape with hopes of providing the reader tools to help conquer the racial divide.



Create a safe place for people to share their perspective, ask questions and learn about different experiences.

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