Fostering an Intentionally Inclusive Culture


Support a globally inclusive community in which employees are able to be their best selves at work, and unleash their full potential. 


Inclusion is, and always has been ingrained in Gallagher’s culture – it’s The Gallagher Way.  Tenet #5 reads: “There are no second-class citizens – everyone is important and everyone's job is important.” Our global INCLUDE Campaign & Training details the inclusive behaviors woven into the fabric of the organization, and provides employees with the tools necessary to put them into practice. The goal of INCLUDE is to make for a meaningful employee experience for all of our more than 30,000 employees, by calling attention to bias or non-inclusive behavior, demonstrating what inclusion looks like in practice, and empowering employees to support and stand up for one another. When our employees feel like their most authentic selves at work, Gallagher benefits from the diversity of their ideas and experiences.


Employees across the globe receive comprehensive training on Gallagher’s inclusive behaviors, as well as training in recognizing and addressing unconscious bias. Employees are free to share their ideas and experiences openly within the workplace, demonstrating vulnerability and compassion for one another – and realizing the full benefits of our diverse workforce. 


Bryan Beverly: bryan[email protected]

The whole idea of an inclusive culture is about bringing different perspectives around the table to better serve our clients.  If we only listen to handful of perspectives, we’re just not going to do as well.  I personally, am very involved in making sure that what we do as an organization is focused on this.  Every single chance we get, we should include the opportunity to become even more inclusive as an organization.

For us, the CEO Action for Inclusion pledge provides us an opportunity to align with and learn from other organizations working to bring about similar change. At the end of the day, it’s our people that make a difference for our clients, the communities we work in and the lives of millions of people who put their trust in us

Pat Gallagher, Chairman, President, and CEO, Gallagher

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