Fostering an Inclusive Culture Through ERGs, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training and Philanthropy


Increasing DEI awareness and education while strengthening our DEI philanthropy to foster a culture of inclusion.


We place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion in our learning programs. We offer trainings such as Conscious Inclusion, which helps people managers better understand unconscious biases and form action plans for implementing inclusive behaviors. In 2022, we launched DEI microlearning for global colleagues focusing on inclusive leadership, allyship, dimensions of diversity, cross-cultural dynamics and fostering

inclusion. In addition, we offer an instructor-led course called “Authentically, You” that empowers colleagues to reflect on their values and strengths and being their authentic selves in work and life.

AIG’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are forums reflecting 13 dimensions of diversity that enable colleagues to come together based on shared interests, mutual distinction, self-identification or as allies. Our global network of 125 chapters spread across 55 office locations in 42 countries is open to all AIG colleagues and is key to supporting a culture of inclusion and belonging. Nearly one third of our colleagues participate in ERGs, with 875 of our colleagues offering their time and commitment to serve in chapter leadership roles. Our ERGs offer creative and engaging opportunities to learn more about allyship, wellness and career development. Our ERGs also facilitate networking opportunities across business areas, give back to local communities and educate colleagues on DEI.

AIG leverages the power of volunteerism and philanthropy to develop inclusivity, encourage equity and advance prosperity within our organization and communities. AIG matches employee charitable contributions 2:1 up to $10,000 per year to eligible charitable organizations.

The AIG Compassionate Colleagues Fund supports corporate contributions and voluntary employee donations that aid colleagues facing serious financial hardships due to unforeseen circumstances. In 2022, AIG committed $2 million to the Fund to promote the importance of inclusivity and belonging for our colleagues.


We have delivered Conscious Inclusion training to nearly 60% of our people managers to build their awareness of bias and its impact on team members and to help them hone their empathy skills to support diverse teams.

Our ERGs implemented listening sessions such as our Courageous Conversations series that features candid dialogue on DEI and allyship. In 2022, our ERGs hosted more than 1,000 events and programs, including more than 400 focused on allyship and intersectionality and more than 100 focused on wellness.

In 2022, AIG’s giving efforts included over $22.5 million in charitable contributions, matching grants and monetized in-kind contributions of volunteer time. Our colleagues volunteered more than 53,000 hours.

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