We recognized that many of our recruiting and management practices were very traditional in the area of work hours and location, as well as how we managed performance.  This approach was limiting our ability to attract and retain talent who may require a non-traditional employment relationship with the company. 


FlexWise is a global Flexible Working program to better meet the personal needs of our employee population while addressing generational and cultural expectations in the workplace.  FlexWise will offer candidates and employees the opportunity to flex where and when they conduct their work.  Employee location is no longer determined by where the department is located.  They are able to request a schedule that fits into their life style thus reduces the burden of having to make a choice between work responsibilities and personal needs.  This program focuses on the challenge of attracting candidates who will only consider employers who offer flexibility. 

Managers have developed new competency in managing performance through deliverables and contribution rather than through time in the office.  It also increases the level of trust between managers and employees which in turn improves engagement and retention. 

FlexWise is open to all employees of Waters globally as well as all candidates considering a career with the company.


This program is new to Waters and is in the launch phase.  Initial employee and manager response has been positive and there is much interest in participating in the program.  It will also become part of the employer value proposition as part of the talent acquisition process.

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