Flexible Work Arrangements at AAFCPAs


Through feedback that originated from AAFCPAs’ Women’s Opportunity Network (AAF-WON), we recognized that the demands of personal and family commitments were forcing team members to choose to leave public accounting, impacting retention of highly-valued resources. We also learned that team members did not want to be the “special case” but rather preferred a formal program.


The firm introduced a Flexible Work Arrangements program, allowing team members to propose alternative work schedules and plans that fit their personal lives while meeting the responsibilities of their jobs. Solutions have included a combination of reduced schedules, compressed work weeks, and remote work options.


Our Flexible Work Arrangements program provides employees with increased work-life balance and less stress. The firm benefits from less turnover, less expenses from replacing lost resources, more reliability in scheduling and deployment of resources, higher productivity levels, and employee evangelists who share their unique stories of how the firm cares about them.


In public accounting, the priorities of client service and reporting deadlines mean finding creative solutions to balancing personal and professional demands. These creative solutions are making it easier for our talent to stick with us—especially during periods of time when demands at home make it difficult to be fully present and engaged at work.

Carla McCall
AAFCPAs Co-Managing Partner
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