Fiserv Forward Together Commitment


Our hearts are heavy as our nation reacts to the senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This event reminds us that with every action, every decision, every spoken word, a choice is made. Within Fiserv, we choose to be led by our values and create a diverse, respectful and inclusive workplace. We are a globally connected team of more than 40,000 people that celebrates originality and values diversity of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. We are unified by our shared experiences, and we know that our differences make us stronger. We know that the culture of respect we are building at Fiserv and our sense of optimism for a brighter future ahead can have a positive impact on others. We choose to stand together to help move the world forward.


Fiserv held listening sessions for associates across the enterprise, including with our employee resource group leaders, for input and feedback on how we can improve our diversity and inclusion programming.

Subsequently, Fiserv’s CEO released a Forward Together Commitment plan outlining our commitment as leaders to drive diversity and inclusion within our company. While we will continue to raise the dialogue on this topic, we also believe that our actions will speak louder than words, and accordingly, we’ve created an action plan that supports our associates and our communities:

  • We are committed to improving diversity within all levels across the organization, including the representation of Black associates in leadership positions.
  • We will increase associate awareness, education and participation in diversity and inclusion programs.
  • We will invest $10 million to support Black-owned business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • We will support community groups with missions focused on human rights, racial equity and social justice.
  • Created task forces directly aligned with each action item on the Fiserv Forward Together Commitment with a charge to create measurable impact within 18 months
  • Created a diversity and inclusion pledge for senior leadership
  • Held a matching donation campaign launching on Juneteenth
    • 2:1 match to 10 organizations with missions supporting human rights, social equity, and racial justice
    • Organizations were chosen by two employee resource groups: our LGBTQ+ and Black Leadership Councils

Human capital is the most valuable asset we have, and we understand the importance of respecting the qualities and characteristics that make each one of us unique. At Fiserv, we strive to foster an open and inclusive environment for our associates to empower them to bring their whole selves to work. We recognize that our success lies in building a diverse and inclusive workforce, along with ensuring that everyone feels comfortable bringing their unique thoughts and ideas to the table.

Frank Bisignano
President and CEO, Fiserv
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