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Divesting from Valeant Pharmaceuticals in late 2017 and becoming an independent entity again.


As Obagi Cosmeceuticals LLC spun-off from Valeant Pharmaceuticals, we had the ability to design an executive structure that would best support our business going forward.  This spin-off has been a unique experience to build a solid business model based upon feedback from external and internal sources. 


A direct result of the feedback received showed that greater than 80% of the employee population, including senior leadership, is female. With the employee population that Obagi currently has, it allows us to both understand the needs of our consumers and empathize with the end user of our products. Obagi understands and can deliver to our market because we understand our market.

An additional result of spinning-off was building the infrastructure of the business (Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, and Research & Development). Attracting top talent into these newly established roles was a priority for the business.  Obagi was able to not only fill positions internally, through promotional opportunities for existing employees, but also attract top talent from the outside marketplace. The majority of the positions filled have been occupied by women, therefore adding to our emphasis on understanding and relating to our customer.


Amy Campbell
[email protected]


Although the customer base for skincare companies is largely female, too often the businesses are run by men. I am proud that Obagi has become a role model for championing women in the workplace, especially in leadership positions. We are excited to join the pledge for more diversity and inclusion in the workforce in all measures

Jaime Castle
President, Obagi
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