Fast Company and Thought Pieces on How DEI Efforts Need to Include Learning Differences


Creating awareness within organizations about the opportunities that come by expanding DEI programs to address learning and thinking differences.


Byline published with tangible tips and thinking on how to build more holistic DEI programs inclusive of invisible disabilities, particularly within the workplace.

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Fast Company: Your Company's Diversity Efforts Need to Include Learning Differences It’s time we include neurodiverse people when talking DEI


Extending awareness and reach about learning disabilities in the workplace, and how to embrace these differences. reaches more than 27M (estimated) unique monthly visitors and Fast Co. approx. 12M per month.


Joanna Roses

There are limitless benefits to explicitly encouraging the inclusion of people with learning and thinking differences, including living your company’s commitment to inclusion to a fuller, more evolved extent.

Fred Poses
CEO, Understood
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