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We recognized that employees who desired to expand their family did not have adequate time to bond post the birth or adoption of a child. Our parental leave policy enables employees to care for and support their new or expanded families while balancing their professional goals.


Our parental leave policy distinguishes RAI as one of the leading providers of a family-focused policy among U.S. companies. The RAI parental leave policy offers:

  • 16 weeks of fully-paid leave for employees who are new mothers or fathers, and
  • the ability to take up to eight months of a flexible work arrangement

The 16 weeks of fully paid parental leave begins immediately upon the date of birth or permanent placement of the child. The policy is available for any individual employed by RAI and its companies on a regular, full-time basis. Eligible Employees are also entitled to up to 8 months of a Reduced Work Schedule. Under the Reduced Work Schedule, employees are permitted to take up to two unpaid days off per week, subject to managerial consideration/approval.

Overall the ‘Families@ RAI’ parental leave policy provides a full year of support for parents to bond with and care for their new child. Open to men and women, the RAI parental leave policy provides additional flexibility for parents that enable them to care for their families while balancing their career.


120 employees have utilized the policy – 89 paternity leaves, 28 maternity leaves, 3 adoption leaves and the numbers continue to grow.


Ashlei Harris


We always strive to make our organization a place where all our employees can thrive and feel accepted, appreciated and valued. Our steadfast commitment to living by our Ethos and diversity and inclusion principles, enables our business to innovate, succeed and drive better business results.

Guy Meldrum
Reynolds President & CEO
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