Extending Supplier Diversity


Because we know that diversity builds competitive sustainable advantages, we recently launched an internal process that we believe will create more winning solutions.  Currently, our primary buyers review our database of diverse and disadvantaged suppliers when fulfilling an RFP.  However, we knew there were still missed opportunities because our secondary group of buyers and decision makers across the organization did not have the same access.


We are in the pilot phase of giving decision makers at all levels of the organization access to diverse and disadvantaged suppliers using a new integrated, larger supplier locator database.  With this access, buyers and decision makers across the company can search, review and evaluate certified diverse and disadvantaged businesses in all categories. All decision makers will now be able to extend their reach to diverse or disadvantaged business each time they fulfill an RFP.  It is our desire to help suppliers overcome any challenges and barriers to exposure or entry that they feel may exist inside or outside of our industry.


This new process will help ensure that all decision makers are playing a role in opening doors and creating a level playing field. By extending our reach internally, we are shifting our thinking and way of doing business to continue to build an inclusive and transparent culture. Good intentions coupled with real action will bring about positive results where everyone wins.


Michelle Hunt
[email protected]


We believe that strength is derived from the diversity of our customers, employees, suppliers, franchisees and other partners across the country and we are pleased to have made great strides with our Supplier Diversity Initiative. As we continue to grow our diverse menu, we look forward to growing our commitment to supplier diversity by adding new partners to our supply chain.

John Miller
CEO & President, Denny’s
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